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Diamonds Wholesale in Houston


Houston Diamond Outlet is a premier manufacturer and wholesaler of fine quality diamonds and engagement rings. Now, new in 2007, we are opening a private office open to the public by appointment, to showcase our huge selection at unbeatable prices! This gives the end consumer the opportunity to buy diamonds and engagement rings direct at true wholesale prices!

The objective of Houston Diamond Outlet is to offer fine quality merchandise direct bypassing the middle men. We do not sell inferior quality or discounted merchandise. In the past, retail jewelry stores have advertised inferior quality at cheap prices only to switch you to a higher quality when you arrive. This is the typical bait and switch. The advertised promotional goods are often terrible quality which leaves the consumer with only the choice of upgrading.

Our new concept is to offer nothing but good quality because we feel you should not have to pay a premium for good quality, it should be expected.

Since we offer a huge selection of diamonds we do not push the customer to buy a particular quality. Each individual has different needs and should be given the opportunity to choose the size and quality diamond that best fits his own needs and desires.

Your experience at the Houston Diamond Outlet is guaranteed to be a great one because all of our personnel are experts in their field. You do not need to ask for the manager to get answers to your questions. Each sales professional can offer the same great service as a manager.

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