Trending Engagement Ring Styles Going into 2018

Trending Ring Styles going into 2017

Having been in the engagement ring business for over 25 years we have seen that ring styles, just like anything in fashion, change over the years. 1980’s were dominated by yellow gold with baguette diamonds channel set. 1990’s Platinum started to find it’s way into showcases of popular jewelry stores, occupying only a small portion. At the turn of this century white was the new color, and yellow was out.

As yellow gold basically became extinct and white (whether platinum or white gold) came to power, pave set diamonds were the new thing. Even today, most of the rings in our showcase have at least some sort of pave diamond on them, at least somewhere. We can attribute that to the fact that pave set diamonds look amazing in white gold. Even, in the past, when pave diamonds were set in yellow gold jewelers would plate white gold behind the diamonds to give it that shimmer we are used to seeing nowadays.

Jumping to 2017, we can look at styles that have been popular over the past few years togive us a vision of what is going to be popular today. According to Glamor, the halo style has been “The most popular setting for the past five or six years (by our best guess, anyway).” We see that to be true as customers have been asking for halo with the most common shapes to be cushion and round halos. Also popular are cushion halos with round center diamonds. This trend still is popular today in 2017.

rose gold solitaire

We are all familiar with pintrest, and if we are in the market for an engagement ring, we are definitely going to looking into our future fiancés pintrest. According to The Daily Mail, this simple rose gold solitaire, posted by its owner Sylvia Billone, has been saved over 103,900 times. Having stated that, just because it has been saved does not mean that people want or are asking for it, because we have not seen an influx of customer asking for rose gold solitaires, or even rose gold. So, we do not feel this to be trending in 2017.






Last year the most popular ring, according to Brides Magazine, was a very intricate Verragio style ring with diamonds and designs on

filligreed engagement ring
intricate filligree design

all three sides. We have seen a lot of intrest in the past couple years of customer liking and buying rings with diamonds and designs on all three sides and we expect this trend to continue.




Cosmopolitan Magazine has several designs they feel will be popular in 2017 including:

#2 a simple straight pave band. This year we have seen many customer asking and buying a simple, straight pave engagement ring with either a round or cushion shape center diamond.

simple pave engagement ring
simple pave engagement ring

#3 cushion cut diamond. Over the past several years the cushion shape center diamond have been very popular with our customers. In 2015 it may have been even more popular than round. In 2017, we believe, round has emerged as the most popular but cushion is a close second.

cushion cut center diamond

#9 cushion halo Cushion halos have been popular over the past few years and still are frequently asked for by our customers.

cushion halo ring

What do we at Houston Diamond Outlet feel are and will continue to be the most popular? We agree that simple, straight pave bands will continue to be popular. The most popular shape of diamond will also continue to be round and cushion, with princess being slow, and marquis being out.

We also agree that cushions will be the most popular out of fancy shapes, but round will be #1.

The cushion halo still is asked for by many, however, customers are looking for unique. So the simple ring you can find at any retail store is out. The halo must have something unique about it, whether diamond under the basket, filigree design or diamonds on the side of ring, but cookie cutter is out.

White gold will also dominate the market over yellow or rose gold. Platinum is out because there is no benefit to paying more for platinum. It turns dull and is harder to repair and size, so why pay more for something if there is no benefit?

One thing that is mentioned over and over is people don’t want something cookie cutter. Every Jared store or Zales carry the same designs, they want something unique. Our specialty is to have the most popular styles in stock, but with a creative uniqueness. Browse our website or come in for a visit and see Houston’s best selection of custom engagement rings.

Based on years of experience, helping 1000’s of customers, and speaking with and emailing 100’s of customers each week, this is what is hot and what we have available at Houston Diamond Outlet.

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