What is She Talking About? Engagement Rings 101

What is she talking about? All about Engagement Rings.

Let us tell you what she talking about! Listed are many of the current terms and definitions of the latest engagement ring styles and lingo. You will want to know what these mean so you can get her the engagement ring of her dreams!

solitaire – Solitaire meaning “single” or “one,” basically means only one diamond atop a plain band.

solitaire engagement ring
solitaire engagement ring

halo – Got it’s name from the halo on top of an angel. This refers to the center diamond being surrounded by diamonds. Popular halo styles are cushion halo and round halo engagement ring.

cushion shape halo engagement ring
cushion shape halo engagement ring
round halo engagement ring
round halo engagement ring


cushion cut – This is a square or squarish shape with rounded edges.

cushion shape diamond
cushion shape diamond


pave – the way or style that the side round diamonds are set.  Diamonds at set into the ring into prongs with borders.  Many times the borders have beading called milligrain.  Below are pictures of rings with pave set diamonds.

pave set diamonds
pave set diamonds
pave diamond in halo engagement ring
pave diamonds in halo and on shank

Micro pave refers to very small diamonds set into prongs, like pave, but without borders. Below are pics of a micro pave ring

micro pave set diamonds
micro pave set diamonds
halo with twisted shank engagement ring
micro pave set diamonds on halo and twisted shank

channel set – the way or style side diamonds are sandwiched between rows of metal into a channel.

channel set diamonds in engagement ring set
two piece ring with channel set diamonds

setting – refers to the ring itself, without a center diamond.

halo engagement ring setting
halo setting

A mounting is a term that refers to the ring itself. A mounting is a ring  without a center diamond.  Image above.
Tiffany solitaire – the brand Tiffany made the simple solitaire popular. It is standard in the industry to refer to a 2.5mm solitaire a “Tiffany” solitaire.

tiffany style solitaire engagement ring
2.5mm Tiffany solitaire

antique style – refers to ring that look like an antique. Characteristics of antique style are: engraving, filigree, open work, and milligram beading

filigree engagement ring setting
open filigree work

filigree – refers to scroll work or open patters on a ring

antique style diamond engagement ring
antique style open filigree

These are some of the most common engagement ring terms for 2017.  We hope this gives you a good place to start. If you have questions you can always call and speak with one of our engagement ring experts. We can help you decipher what she is talking about and assist you in getting the ring of her dreams!

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