Why “Rocktober” is a Great Month to Buy an Engagement Ring

Why is “Rocktober” a good month to by an engagement ring?

Every year we see a boost in engagement ring purchases around the holiday season. October is a great month to purchase because it gives you the opportunity to get ahead.

If you want something custom made it may take up to 4 weeks. Or, simply, if you would like to spread out some payments, getting started early enables you to do that. Furthermore, you can avoid the busy holiday crowd. Jewelry in general is a popular holiday gift, to plan ahead and get more personalized service.

Why do so many couples get engaged around the holiday season? Let’s preface this by calling the “holiday season” starting at Thanksgiving and ending on New Years Eve.

According to “in November, British events company Chillisauce surveyed 10,000 people and found that 31% thought Christmas Eve was the best day of the year to propose. Another 7% opted for Christmas Day, 2% chose Dec. 26, and 18% said New Year’s Eve was the optimal date for proposals.”
All I can tell you is what my customer has told me over the past 25 years. Usually it comes down to family. This time of the year is typically when families get together. I found an article where Ellen Lamont who is an assistant professor of sociology says “The holidays are a time of creating a sense of family, creating rituals and family meaning. You’re literally bringing family together during the holidays, but with the marriage proposal, you’re symbolically creating this new family.” It gives the couple the opportunity to celebrate and tell family members all together.

Many people have time off the spend with friends and family. I have had many people in the military have time off to be home and find this a great time of the year to propose.

However, this does not necessarily mean proposing in front of the family.
Brides Magazine pointed out “ Find out if the love of your life would rather get engaged in private, or if being surrounded by family and friends during this big moment is what they’ve always dreamed of.” The article further points out that you both should take a few moments to savor the moment. If you do decide to pop the question at the dinner table, take a private moment afterward to be alone and “revel in the moment”

If you are considering getting engaged by the end of this year, now is a great time to buy. Call and speak with our diamond experts and see how we can make your diamond buying experience a great one!

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