Real Vs Man Made Diamond

Why are Real Vs Man Made Diamonds the Way We Show Love and Commitment

 The attraction of a real diamond is not only the beauty, but the rarity.   Many may say there are plenty of diamonds in the world so they are not rare.  Did you know DPA states “All the gem-quality diamonds ever polished and used for jewelry would fit comfortably into one London double-decker bus.” Also there are not as many in particular shapes, sizes and qualities. Therefore, there is an international market for diamonds and people are, and will remain, willing to pay for a real diamond vs man made diamond.

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  The symbol of a diamond represents the amazing journey it took taking over a billion years.  Born hundreds of miles below the earth surface under tremendous heat and pressure, once formed,  these mysterious stones had to be brought closer to the surface so we have the means to mine them. The problem is, if bringing them to the surface took too long, or was too slow a process,  the stones would essentially be turned into graphite. It would require a miracle to bring them from high temperature to relatively low temperature very quickly and lock them into place.

It took very special deep seated violent volcanic eruptions somehow perfectly located to move these stones in a matter of just a few hours.  There they would be trapped in molted lava, then as the volcanic material eventually cooled the diamonds would remained contained therein.  These eruptions took place at a time when the earth was much hotter some 100+ million years ago.  Then they lie waiting, now just feet under the earth, for some 100 million years, for someone to find them and compete their journey.

  It is a mystery on how long it takes a diamond to be formed below the earth’s surface. They may start to grow, then a change in condition could occur well below the earth’s surface and that embryonic diamond may sit for millions to 100’s of millions of years before it starts to grow again.  It is this ever changing of conditions that make the color and clarity of each diamond so unique.  Imagine the endless possibilities of changing conditions could have occurred in that billion year process.

  Each diamond took a billion year journey and faced uncountable obstacles that could get in the way of it becoming a diamond, and a gem quality diamond at that, before seeing the light of day.  Of all those diamonds that made the trip, only a small percentage are considered gem quality, good enough to be put in jewelry or engagement ring.

 This is just the journey of the rough diamond. Once unearthed the process of sorting, evaluating and cutting is another story.  How man plays a part in unlocking the beauty of this stone.  Now man’s hands must decide how to cut, polish and facet the rare beauty to transform and maximize it potential. This is a science in its own which is unique to real vs a man made diamond.

Then the polished diamond goes, from sight holder to cutter, cutter to dealer, dealer to store, the journey continues as it is shipped around the world.  How many people have been involved in the process?  From mining to sorting, evaluating rough, cutting, sorting polished diamonds, until it is sold wholesale.  How many have looked at and been a part of your diamond before it gets to you? It is a circus of improbable and serendipitous events.

Then finally it is unveiled, unwrapped in paper before your eyes.  You meticulously compare diamonds side by side admiring their beauty and noticing their flaws choosing the one that best represents you, the one you wish your future wife to carry.  

 So you see the difference is the mystery and the romance, not the chemical composition.  Diamonds are sought after because it is a miracle of chance and nature, the unremarkable coincidences that needed to occur.  This is the symbol of love and commitment that for centuries we have given to the ones we love. 

This is the symbol you put on your fiancé’s finger, where the journey comes to an end as it finds it’s final home, where she will cherish it forever.

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