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Buy Lab Grown Diamonds in Houston
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Want to get an even bigger diamond for your money?

Houston Diamond Outlet is now offering lab grown diamond jewelry and lab grown diamonds in Houston.  This is a good, cost-effective alternative to naturally man mined diamonds.  

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

They virtually look the same as earth-mined diamonds.

They are as hard as natural diamonds, so they won’t scratch like cheap options such as cz. And they are much less expensive than natural diamonds

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Created?

Man-made diamonds are created in a vacuum chamber starting with a “seed” or a sliver of diamond.  Methane and hydrogen gas is pumped into the chamber, and it is heated to 800 degrees Celsius.  This is a process called CVD or chemical vapor deposition. 

During a period of just a few weeks a rough of about 1ct can be made.  It is because these diamonds can be made in a controlled environment that significantly fewer imperfections occur than with natural mined diamonds.  It is also because they can be made in a short period of time that cost to produce is much less.

Recently lab grown diamonds have been used in:

  • Lab grown diamond studs
  • Lab grown diamond pendants
  • Lab grown diamond solitaires
  • Lag grown loose diamonds
  • Lab grown diamond jewelry
  • Lab grown diamond engagement rings

Are lab grown diamonds the same as naturally mined diamonds?

They do have the same chemical properties and diamonds, the difference being they were not made 3 billion years ago under the crust of the earth.  They did not have the same “struggles” as natural diamond during their formation process.  It takes billions of years for a natural diamond to be formed and brought to, or close to the surface of earth so they can be mined. 

The mining process is another “struggle” to remove the rough diamonds from the earth.  This is why a fine quality natural diamond is hard to find. 

Lab grown diamonds are all, in general, pretty high quality because their formation was done in a controlled where natural diamond have huge range of qualities depending on its own unique formation process.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds and Simulants the Same?

Diamond simulates such as moissanite and cubic zirconia have different chemical structure and look similar, but not the same as diamonds.  For example, moissanite usually has a hue of color and the refractive index is different. So, no, not the same as a diamond simulate. 

Houston Diamond Outlet has well over 25 years of experience helping customers choose the perfect diamond and engagement ring and get the best value. If you are looking to buy lab grown diamonds in Houston, call for your appointment today and let us make your diamond buying experience a great one!

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Certified?

Yes, the lab grown diamonds we sell include a lab report.  Up until about mid 2022 this report has been done by IGI.  The report is much the same as a natural diamond certificate that included weight, color, clarity, dimensions and measurements, other identifying characteristics and a plot of the inclusions.  It also includes the origin. This will be how the diamond was made, either CVD (chemical vapor disposition) or HPHT (high pressure, high temperature).  Then IGI inscribes each lab grown diamond will be laser inscribed with the initials LG followed by a serial number.

Buy Lab Grown Diamonds in Houston at Wholesale prices.

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