Fun Facts About Diamonds



1. Do you know where the custom of giving a woman a diamond came from? After doing some research I found the custom was started by the Romans giving their woman a ring to wear attached to a key around her neck to signify the union of the two. It wasn’t until until the late 1470’s that the Archduke Maximilian  of Austria had the first diamond ring designed for his fiance. This custom spread around the world up until this day and age!

2. There was a process implemented in 2003 called,”The Kimberly Process”. This process was established to prevent “conflict diamonds”from entering the the diamond market. Conflict Diamonds were frowned upon because they are mined in war zones and sold to finance insurgencies.

3. Do you know why woman wear wedding ring on the left hand and fourth finger? This custom can be traced back to ancient Roman and Greek times. They believed this finger ran directly to ones heart.This belief then was called the vein of love.


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