Engagement Ring in Houston

Engagement Ring in Houston

Best selection at prices 50% – 70% Below Retail!

Houston Diamond Outlet is the best store for engagement rings in Houston. We have hundreds of all the latest styles including: white gold, platinum, two tone, pave, princess cut, cushion cut, antique, vintage, halo, contemporary, designer style, hand engraved designs and more!

engagement rings in houston
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Don’t buy your ring or diamond online sight unseen. Make your appointment to visit our showroom and see, touch and try on the actual ring you will be buying.  We also have a huge selection of loose diamonds to choose from. Once you see a selection of diamonds in person, not just a video online, it will make it easier to pick out that special diamond!

We have over 2 generations of experience in helping customers like you, get the best deal when choosing an engagement ring. Our experts have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry including: custom designs, wax mold, manufacturing process, repairs and, of course, an extensive knowledge of diamonds.

Don’t buy your diamond online without seeing it.  Most online diamond brokers don’t own the diamonds they list. They don’t even see the diamond they are selling you! Online stores typically, will list inventory of wholesalers. Then, when a customer calls, the diamond will be shipped directly from the wholesaler to the customer.

Buy Your Engagement Ring Direct

Houston Diamond Outlet is a diamonds wholesaler and we own our inventory. This way, you can better information on all our diamonds and we can better help you choose the best diamond. Having our main diamond office located in the diamond district of Los Angeles, provides us with access to the largest selection of fine quality diamonds to choose from.

Since we are the manufacturer, you get direct wholesale prices. Our rings have been in fine jewelry stores throughout the country. You can get the same fine quality ring without the retail markup. We do everything from custom computer CAD designs, wax molds, casting, setting and finishing. Since everything is done in house, it is done quicker and less expensive than outsourcing.

History of the Engagement Ring

According to the American Gem Society’s website “Anthropologists believe this tradition originated from the Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indication their husbands’ ownership.”  Back then a Roman woman might wear rings of ivory, flint, bone, copper or iron to “signify a business contract or to affirm mutual love and obedience.” According to GIA.

It can also be traced back to the Romans that chose the 4th finger because that finger was thought to have a vein that ran directly to the heart.  The Vena Amoris means “vein of love.”

In the 7th century Pope Nicholas recognized a ring as a commitment of marriage that was given before the ceremony.  And the “engagement” was to be made public in advance of the marriage.  At the time the ring was made of gold because gem stones were not prevalent at the time.

So the idea of a ring as a symbol of marriage is ancient. But the first diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy.  This tradition continues today as the diamond is as the stone for the modern engagement ring.

Why a diamond?  Well, back in 1477 it was probably because of the unique shine and sparkle that a diamond has.  In 1847 De Beers lunched it’s a diamond is forever campaign portraying that since a diamond is the hardest substance on the planet it represents forever.  Therefore what better way to symbolize a marriage that lasts forever than with “A Diamond is Forever.”

It is know that diamonds are rare, but did you know the mystery of how a diamond is created?  The diamond in your engagement ring was formed deep below the surface of the earth billions, yes billions with a b, of years ago.  It was during a time where the earth was much hotter that it is today.  Then over millions of years through volcanic eruptions diamond would be forced up closer to the surface of the earth, about 100 miles deep.  You can read more about how a diamond is formed here.

That is just the journey of the formation, next becomes excavation, recovery, sorting, and selling rough. That rough diamond can travel all around the world before it is cut.  The the stone is cut or faceted a polished diamond for jewelry.  Then, again it may travel around the world from dealer to dealer before it ultimately ends up on a lucky lady’s hand.

So the choice of a diamond makes now makes sense and you can see how a diamond really is a symbol of forever.  Houston Diamond Outlet has 2 generations of experience in helping our customers choose the perfect diamond and engagement ring and has become one of Houston’s most trusted jewelers.

Call us today and see how you can save on your diamond engagement ring in Houston. Even if you are travelling to get to us, it will be well worth your drive or flight!

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