Buyers Beware!! Some Diamonds Aren’t Forever………..

Buyers beware some diamonds aren’t  forever

If shopping for a diamond online please read the fine print. For example,  if the description says a diamond is fracture filled or clarity enhanced, or just enhanced  this means the diamond is “treated.”  Most listings I see on eBay are these enhanced or treated diamonds.

This means there is a large crack in the stone that reaches the surface, much like the picture above.  Under heat and pressure silicone is forced into the crack creating an optical illusion and making the crack almost unnoticeable. Below are before and after pics of a fracture filled diamond from GIA.

treated diamond before and after


This is a huge difference, but there are two problems. First of all the treatment is not permanent.  Heat and ultraviolet light, which is in sunlight, breaks down the treatment.  Processes like repairing you ring, retyping a diamond and even being placed in an ultrasonic cleaner can even make it come  out all together.


there was silicone forced into a crack in the stone to enhance its clarity . This treatment is just a temporary fix. That stone  will  eventually need to be re-treated . Because  this method injects chemicals into the diamond to make   flaws less visible. These  stones will cost 30 to 50% less than those that are natural.  Most people would not buy a diamond with a large crack in it, and this is why some jewelers choose to fill the crack to you can’t see it.  But sometimes the treatment doesn’t last long.  Sometimes even everyday wear or put in a hot ultrasonic cleaner will cause the treatment to come out.  

We here at Houston Diamond Outlet do not sale these type of stones because it’s not a good investment for our customers and we only want the best for you and your significant other. We want your diamond to last forever!!!

By: Joy Sham

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