How to Buy Diamonds Cheap

How to Buy Diamonds Cheap

1. Specializes in diamonds
If a jewelry store sells diamonds, colored stones, watches, pearls, gold, silver they may be good at some of those, but they cannot be great at any one unless they specialize. If you see lots of inexpensive jewelry or diamond pieces on their website or in their store, they probably don’t specialize in diamonds. To specialize in diamonds most of what they have in store, or online should be diamonds. What kind of diamond dealer sells $300 sapphire rings? It just doesn’t happen.
Many stores say they are wholesale or sell wholesale to the public, this also can be confusing. If is large enough to buy in large enough quantities, so they can get best prices from site holders, they may be able to sell to retail stores and still make a profit. You can only judge this from the next thing:
2. has extensive inventory on site

A true wholesaler must have a large diamond inventory. If you are told they need to have something shipped in, that means they don’t own the diamond and they are taking on consignment, and marking it up. This means you are not getting the absolute best deal on that diamond. If you ask to see a 1ct diamond, a diamond dealer should have dozens of them in stock. If you visit a store to see some diamonds and they don’t have an extensive inventory, you are probably not getting the best deal.

3. is fluent in understanding and explaining diamonds and the differences

It is easy to rule out those that are not affluent in diamond lingo. If you ask a question and they don’t know the answer or give you wrong information, they must not be versed in diamonds. Diamond dealers spend their professional lives buying and selling diamonds. They must know the in’s and out’s of every aspect of the business because they have their livelihood riding on it. Anyone can take someone else’s diamond, mark it up and sell it. But a real dealer must own their inventory and is assuming the risk that they bought the right diamond at the right place.

Houston Diamond Outlet is a third generation diamond dealer. They import diamonds directly from site holders in large quantities and stock diamonds in all shapes, sizes and qualities. Local customers can make an appointment to come in and see several diamonds, side by side and choose the one they like best. They have years of experience in helping customers like you choose the best diamond at the best deal!

If you are not local, Internet customer can call and get expert diamond dealer help in choosing the perfect diamond. They can accurately explain the diamond and point out characteristics that make each diamond different and why one may be better than the other.

Customers are able to call and speak directly with a diamond dealer and get expert help in understanding the differences between diamonds online and in person.  Keep in mind, the best deal is usually not the cheapest diamond!

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