Blue Diamonds in Houston


blue diamonds in houston

Blue diamonds have become more popular overtime and the prices have skyrocketed. Our lives have been on the blue diamonds because of the growing attraction to color diamonds in general. Since 1990 the sell of color diamonds has increased tremendously. Diamond wholesaler based out of New York, Bruno Scarselli, credits this trend to the fashion industry for encouraging “an appetite for color ”

How did blue diamonds first start getting popular?

In December of 1999, is when GIA chief quality officer, John king sparked an interest in blue diamonds. The millennium brought in something new from De Beers who unveiled it’s millennium jewels collection, that collection consisted of 11 blue diamonds. These diamonds received a lot of media attention which got people talking, many were released for auction and that sparked an interest for people and it gave them great value. One of the blue diamonds from the millennium jewel collection, which was a 10.10 carat oval shape fancy vivid blue, internally flawless diamond sold for a little over $31 million. Now that’s something!

Now if that didn’t create a big buzz, the fact that blue diamonds are so rare and they are only available to the most involved collectors, most certainly would!

Where do blue diamonds get their color?

Blue diamonds get its color from being in a special environment where the nitrogen is missing and the boron takes its place. The majority of blue diamonds come from the Cullinan Mine in South Africa owned by Petra Diamonds. Although some have been discovered in Golconda region in India.

The rarity of blue diamonds is what gives that appreciation and creates that visual interest. The demand for blue diamonds is definitely not softening up and the cost isn’t either, it’s only escalating.

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