What is the Best Value When Choosing a Diamond?

What is the best value when choosing a diamond?

 The best value is the combination of size, quality and price that you are most happy with.

When we discuss how to choose a diamond and the value of a diamond we need to take a look at quality, because the cheapest diamond is going to be the lowest quality.  A low quality or poorly looking diamond is never a good value.  Since diamonds are primarily based on how they look, a cheap stone will look cheap.

So, how do we determine what is the best value for each customer? Every customer has different needs and desires, or everyone would end up with the same thing.

First of all I would consider budget. How much do you want to spend?  That is something that only you can decide.  Usually, by this point most customers have at least browsed the internet.  Our website clearly shows different designs, sizes and prices of diamonds so you should have an idea just by browsing.

If you have no idea and don’t know where to start, in an effort to help a customer determine a budget I would point out that our most popular sizes and qualities.  A 3/4ct runs about $1500, 1ct $2500, 1.5ct $4500 and 2ct $7500-8000.  Taking that into consideration, what would you be comfortable with?

Next, after targeting a rough budget and size, we would start looking at diamonds. This is where it is necessary that you find a store that has an expert, and has a selection to choose from.  An expert can help to show you the differences rather than selling you something less expensive because you didn’t see something when you were in the store.

Once we have some diamonds to look at, we can determine if the size and quality is sufficient.  If that customer wants better quality, we can go slightly smaller.  If that customer wants a larger stone in the same budget, we would go with lower quality. Or, we can go up in budget.  It is all just trying to balance size, quality and budget.

compare similar diamonds



comparing similar diamonds side by side to get the best value





We don’t need to go in depth as to what exact color or clarity. Just by looking at diamonds to the eye, and under magnification, it doesn’t matter if it is graded and I1, if you cannot see anything to the naked eye and you are happy with the size and price.

It is important to understand it is essential that you look at several diamonds to determine what is best for you. It is impossible to choose a diamond based on specs on a computer screen. Also, if you don’t have a few diamonds of each quality to compare you are short changing yourself.  If ten of the same quality diamonds are lined up side by side, they will appear differently.  It happens more ofter than you think that a customer will prefer a diamond of lesser quality and price because of some unique characteristic.  I hear a lot “it just looks shiner.”  That is the unique personality of each diamond.

So, what is the best value? I suggest you come in and find out for yourself because only you can answer that question for yourself. With over 25 years in helping customer choose their “best value”, we guarantee we can help you too.

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