What is the Average Size Diamond for a Ring?

What is the Average Size Diamond for an engagement ring?

What the perfect size of a diamond for an engagement ring you ask?

Through my recent research in United States the average size for and engagement rings center diamond is  a 1.00ct. You also have to consider the diamonds you can have surrounding your center stone can also help enhance the look. It also adds to the overall carat weight of your completed ring.

average size diamond for engagement ring
different size diamonds for engagement ring

The size of your center stone can also be determined by the style band you choose. A certain style band may make your stone look larger or even smaller. According to Pintrest the most popular engagement ring this year had a 1.22ct round diamond in the center.

To further support this Credit Donkey researched and found that 1 carat was the average size in 2017 for engagement rings. They also conducted a survey from a few major cities that also confirms this. Here are a few cities they gathered information from. Los Angeles was slightly under 1 carat,Dallas and Miami was slightly over a carat.

Beyond also confirms this notion by stating the average size ia a carat and the average cost spent on the engagement ring total is $6,000 in the United States.


The size of the diamond you choose must be within budget. If you go to a diamond expert they can help you get the best value when choosing your diamond. They can show you the differences between sizes, qualities and price and ultimately you must decide for yourself.  Focus on the quality of the diamond, not the size.  If you sacrifice quality that larger stone may actually look worse than a smaller b

If you just cannot get the size diamond you want you may consider buying a setting that makes the diamond look larger like a halo.  Many jewelers let customers trade in their diamond for a larger or better quality in the future.  You can still get your dream engagement ring later. Houston Diamond Outlet encourages those customer to bring their diamonds and trade them in towards larger or better.

Anyway, there are a lot of options but, bottom line, make sure you go to a store that has expert advice and a selection of diamonds to choose from. By comparing diamonds side by side you can choose the diamond size and quality that is best for you.

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